Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finished Commission

This is another one for the company I work for. He is a retiring plant manager and huge Chicago Bears fan. As I'm not a big football fan I can't tell you the significance of the number 54 on the Bears jersey but I can tell you that the cup is supposed to be leaking coffee. :)



Neil Davies said...

Good job Ian, great work!

cabap said...

Hi Ian,
amazing work and your blog is great!!!!!!!!
jan :)

ian said...

Thanks guys!

Niall O loughlin said...

fantastic rendering Ian.

Angel Ruff said...

This one is fantastic!!!!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Ian...some really nice stuff here mate - really improving nicely - the colors are looking great!!

ian said...

Thanks ya'll

Tiago Silva said...

Oh! Worderful collors!
Great job!!!!

I invite you to visit my blog!
It will be very welcome!


hanzz said...

That's a top caricature ! amazing!

ian said...

Thanks a bunch Tiago and Hanzz!

Mônico Reis said...

Hi Ian.
Your work is very good!
I liked the cartoons. Congratulations!
I am following your blog to accompany his art.
I invite you to visit my blog.
A hug.