Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I'm conducting some research. . ..
I really really want a Cintiq, not the big one - the 12 will be just fine. I don't need one, but I want one. I really want one.

I'm not a big gadget guy, I've only had a cell phone for a little over a year. But, I've been kind of obsessing over the Cintiq. Its not that my regular tablets are bad - I have an Intuos 3 4x5 at home and at work I slum around with a really old Graphire 4x5. But both work well and to be honest I don't really see the Intuos as that much better than the venerable old Graphire. But, like I said - I want a Cintiq, its just too cool. See, I find that I get much more solid construction when sketching with pencil on paper than I do when sketching with the tablet. I think that the Cintiq may be the bridge between my better sketch results on paper and my rendering digitally. It would save time right? Leave out that pesky scanning of the pencil sketch? I'm trying to justify ;) ;)

So, I ask you my tens of regular visitors (yes, I realize that may be a bit high), of those of you who've used both (are there any?), is it worth the money?? I've read a lot of artists' posts that say yes, hands down the Cintiq is totally worth it. But, is it really?

Did I mention that I REALLY want one?

EDIT: I'm also open to hearing about some of the older ones as you can get a 15" old one on Ebay for pretty cheap - doesn't have the function keys on the sides but that may not be a big deal.


carnalizer said...

I haven't tried the 21" one, but i have the smaller one at work. Took me about a week to tire of trying to draw on that small screen. It's not the drawing, but the looking that is the problem. Nowadays I use it as a regular wacom. I want a big one though.

ian said...

ah man, really?!?!?

Not at all what I wanted to hear. Oh well, thanks Henrik. want to get rid of it?? ;)

Tel said...

Tried one, the 21" - BUT - you'll like this - it annoyed me that my hand got in the way, you know, like real drawing !!!
Too ingrained in using the Intuos and if I got one I'd have to lose a screen to run it. I have dual displays a 30" and a 24" ( in portrait mode )
Looking at an Intuos 4 the 'ol 3 is getting a bit battered !

ian said...

Man! ya'll are really surprising me! so that's two votes against cintiq?? one negative on the small and one -Tel I can't believe that- vote negative on the BIG one?!

I'm a little shocked.

Niall O loughlin said...

They look great, so who cares after that, go get one I say, life's too short.

tallwill said...

Hi Ian. If you haven't already, I'd recommend having a look at Tom Richmond's 'Reviewing the Cintiq 12wx' post on his blog. Really informative and, as it turned out, very reliable. He also gives loads of tips on how to make the most of it when you finally get one - and you know you will get one!

I've owned a 12" Cintiq for the best part of a year now and have to say I absolutely love it! Its not quite the carry anywhere digital sketch pad they like to make out in the ads but, for my needs, its perfect. I could never get on with the whole 'draw down here but look over there' style of working on regular tablets and haven't got the space and time at the moment for a traditional drawing set-up and scanner so the Cintiq was the perfect answer. I do everything on it now and haven't looked back!

It has got a hefty price tag and I do have a couple of gripes which are worth mentioning (coz for that money you want perfection - right?) but they aren't enough to make me regret shelling out or put me off using it. The working space could be just that little bit bigger. I do find myself juggling my work window, reference pics, drop downs etc. when I just want to get on with creating. Also, the 'jitter' you may have read about exists - when you hover the pen over the screen, the cursor seems to jump around like you've got a bad case of the shakes - but I've found its best just to ignore this and press on. As soon as you make contact with the screen the cintiq seems to forget about all that wobbling about and translates your deft handywork into whatever mark you are trying to make.

It does take a bit of setting up and calibrating but once you're good to go its all very intuitive from there on in.

Anyway, all this talk of it makes me want to get back to my baby! Hope all this was of some help!

ian said...

Thanks Niall! And Tallwill, thank you very much for the long thought out commentary! Good stuff to consider. If I do decide to get one it will be a while as I have to save up for one, and I'd likely get a used one from ebay or something.