Thursday, December 10, 2009


This is a piece that I've just finished up (well, I may fiddle with it a bit more . ..) for a friend. WAY back in May (or April??) I offered up a digital caricature or portrait as an auction piece for my son's pre-school fund raiser. One of our friends won the bid and said she'd let me know. I figured a caricature of her husband or portrait of her kids was in order. BUT, she surprised me by asking for a portrait of her sister's dogs! I was very nervous as I haven't ever really painted dogs but a deal's a deal. I'm quite pleased with the result and went for an oil painting look with warm tones, trying to keep it loose like an actual oil painting. I think it came out pretty well. It will be printed at 11x17 just in time for a Christmas present. I hope she likes it!

By the way, these dogs are all world class agility competition dogs and have won numerous awards, and now they've been painted :)

EDIT: I presented the print to my friend yesterday and she freaked. Loved it! What a feeling that is, I could get used to that. She immediately commissioned me for another.


Mike Eppe said...

Hey Ian!!
Great picture!!!
Nice story too. I've lived almost the same story with a collegue. It's funny because they're agility champions too. I think they very love theire dog! :)
The same collegue (i think she was happy with the dogs) asks me to draw a cat for his daugther...
Snif, I just wanna make humain caricatures :)

ian said...

Thanks Mike! Your dogs caricature is fantastic! Especially the Border Collie on the right.

caricaturas said...

hi, ian!
I like a lot your work.
You are very good.
Thank you for following my blog and for leaving me comments.
Sorry, my english is very poor.
See you

Jubhubmubfub said...

Cute painting. You can definitely see the character in each dog.

wahzill said...

I like this a lot! YOu did a great job with the eyes too...I am very drawn in to them :) Nicely done!

Jim Hopkins said...

Fun guys-great job! Love the expressions!

ian said...

Thanks a bunch guys!

I presented it to my friend last night and she freaked! What a feeling that is!