Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tod Schmidt

This is a caricature of my boss, Tod Schmidt. I did it for him as our gift from the office that I work for. I've worked for Tod for a decade now and he's truly a great manager and friend. Always willing to help with personal life questions as well as being an advocate for his "underlings" like myself :) Tod is from Ohio, but has been living in the "deep south" for 10 years and still has this weird affection for the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals. .. but, as a consolation he will sometimes utter such regional colloquialisms as "ya'll" and "jeet yet?".

I presented it to him last night at our Christmas party and hoped he wouldn't punch me! He didn't and even seemed to like it so that's a big plus, but I could be fired on Monday so we'll wait and see.

Thanks Tod for being such a good friend.

below is a face detail and my main ref pic.


cabap said...

great job Ian,
jan :)

R.Kamal said...

good job Ian, nicely painted.

Tel said...

Nice one Ian - that hand really adds impact and depth.
Top job.

ian said...

Thanks a lot guys!

Jan, means a lot.

Kamal, thanks! practice practice practice

Tel, REALLY glad you like the hand. They're easier, not easy - just easier ;)