Thursday, May 15, 2008

quick meeting sketch

Yay, another post!

just a doodle from a conference call that I had no need to be on. . . love those.

Orc Archer. Orc because they can look like anything, and archer because archery is so cool.


shliknik said...

Start practicing figure and gesture drawing. Don't worry if it's a person or orc. This will help your figures have lifelike movement.

Not finishing drawings now is the best thing you can do. One thing to your benefit is you don't HAVE too. Just have fun and practice - Do 100 different, quick orcs instead of 1 'finished' one that you may not be happy with.

I'm swamped w/ work. Maybe it's good you can't sketch this weekend because I couldn't either!


Richtoon said...

A really good start! I like where this one is heading. If you are using painter or Photoshop, get inthe habbit of using the horizontal flip... it helps you to see the drawing as if it is new. If it is all old school paper stuff, just flip the page over and look at it through a light source like a window... and you'll be able to catch potential balance/tension/gravity/silhouette problems