Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Stuff. . .

If it seems like I can't decide on which direction to artistically its fully intentional . . .

yeah, that's it. I find that I tend to go through quick phases with my artistic endeavors, the good thing is that I tend to come back around to the same subjects/styles.

So first, here's a watercolor I did for my Grandma's birthday. Finished it last night, just in time to get in the mail today so that she gets it tomorrow (her birthday).
And next is a sneak peek at my next "fantasy storybook" illustration. Actually its more of a dinosaur than a "fantasy" beast. I hope to find the time to finish this before the end of the month. I am falling back into this genre pretty solid again and have about 4 of this type in progress. . . and yes, I'm aware that once again there are mushrooms. . . What, they fill the space nicely!


shliknik said...

Don't apologize for your work not having a consistent look right now. It SHOULDN'T!! Don't try to find a 'style'....practice different mediums, new techniques, different genres, etc...and your 'style' will develop over time.

Just have fun drawing.

shliknik said...

We need an update!
Gotta have an update!