Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Commission!

Just finished this up. Its another one for a retiring executive from the company I work for. It marks a milestone for me because up to now I've been worried about doing professional work on a deadline. I did this one is less than 5 days with only working on it a couple of hours a day. So, I'm pretty sure I could do that in less time if the deadline demanded it.

My direction was that he's a lifelong New York Yankees fan and Yogi Berra is an idol of his. So, I went with that look, trying to make it look like an old weathered photo.

EDIT: after received a very enthusiastic phone call from my subject a couple of weeks ago I just received this e-mail today 1/8/10:

It's hanging in my game room, next to the painting of Thurman Munson and the aerial photo of the new and old stadiums that Sullivan gave me.

You really did a great job.

Thank you again!!!
I love getting feedback from the subjects/clients!!


wahzill said...

Great work! The weathered photo effect really gives it some character!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Ian - looking cool man - these are really developing mate!!

shliknik said...

Nice stuff. It's your most completed scene - body and background.

Niall O loughlin said...

Looks great, what medium is it?

cabap said...

Wow ...Great work Ian
!!Merry Christmas!!!!
Joyeux Noël!!!
jan :)

ian said...

Wow! Thanks everybody!

Wahzill, that's what I was hoping for!! ;)

Simon, Jason, getting there - slowly :)

Niall, all P-shop.

Jan, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Angel Ruff said...

You rock! He is going to love it!

Tel said...

That's a top piece Ian - well done. Very atmospheric - I bet he loved it ?

Roberto Freire / Robolus said...

Great! Very well done!

Marco Bucci said...

real nice work!

ian said...

Thanks guys!

R.Kamal said...

fabulous job indeed!