Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rob Beals

Here is one of my friend Rob. He wasn't aware that I was working on it so it was cool to drop it on him all finished and stuff. I think he likes it. I hope to get to do one of his wife Jess. . . hint hint.

and for those who don't know him, here is the main ref I used.


Mike Eppe said...

Great job, man!
I hope he like it.
Last caricature I did for a friend cost me... a friend (he never call back... hummmmm) ;(
Well done!

Here the link to his caricature:

Niall O loughlin said...

Very nice Ian, maybe the jaw is a little to extreme, but I admire the fact you tried to push it.

ian said...

Thanks guys!
Mike, I looked at your link and I can't see any reason why your friend would get upset with that. Looks great!

Niall, thanks, I drew so many of him trying to get his personality. Its weird because my first instinct was to exaggerate his head wide with a tall forhead but it didn't work at all. ..

Damion009 said...

this is very awesome sir!!! love the hand!!! the can is an great touch...