Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Very overdue post

So, I don't have any excuse for not posting in a while except to say that I've been in a slump. I finished these two commissions and couldn't seem to be able to do anything worth posting. . .

Here they are! They are the first two pieces that I've been paid for and I was very excited about that.
The first one is of a friend's kids and the second one is a caricature of one of my oldest and best friend's wife. I think that both were well received.

Lately I've been trying more landscape stuff after finding some new inspiration. Here's the first of a kind of new approach for me. I hope to post a whole bunch more soon.


shliknik said...


Are these the portraits where you had to make changes? Glad you had time to fit them in over the Holidays.

I like the landscape and think those are your best pieces...including the watercolor pieces you've posted.

Keep truckin'

ian said...

Thanks Jason! I've been in a landscape mood. I've done a lot of sketches but little worth posting. . .

shliknik said...

Sketching is just as good or better than trying to 'finish' stuff lots of times. I actually need to sketch and develop my ideas more than I do.

Sketching is where you find 'you'.

Keep truckin'.