Monday, August 4, 2008

I am the worst blogger ever. . .

I haven't posted anything in well over a month!
well I've been trying more caricatures. Everytime I feel like I'm exaggerating the crap out of the subject but by the time I'm mostly done it doesn't look very caricaturey at all. So, who can guess who this is supposed to be?
Can't tell? I'm not surprised. . . He was recently awarded an Academy award and also starred opposite Tom Hanks in last year's best movie (in my opinion).


shliknik said...

That's YOU....just kiddin'!!!

I remember him in his role in Boogie Nights - funny stuff.

Glad you're posting again - Blogger is your friend! Let's meet for a sketch session soon.

Chris Brown said...

I recognized him immediately. Very nice caricature. I hate him as an actor though....except in the Tom Hanks movie. He played that part perfectly.