Friday, October 12, 2007

Retro Sci-Fi / Steampunk Fett

I'm actually quite pleased with how this turned out. I had no expectations and it kind of steamrolled (pun intended).


Priscilla Wallace said...

Hello, Ian! I'm a friend of your mother's and had no idea what I'd be looking at when she sent me to your blog. (I've just created one for myself, and we were talking about it.) My blog is, and website is, if you have lots of time on your hands and want to see what sort of nut is writing you.

Your drawing is lovely. I suspect that, if you're not making a living doing this now, before long you'll lose all patience with whatever else you do to keep food on the table. I waited until I retired from the state to do art fulltime, and I don't know if that was the best idea or not. (One has to eat and all that sort of stuff.)

I thoroughly enjoy looking at your things. What are your current artistic pursuits?

Best of luck!

Priscilla Wallace

ian said...

Hi Priscilla!

Thanks so much for stopping by and even more for commenting! I'm glad you liked my drawings. I don't get a lot of feedback so it is always nice to hear someone say they like it.

I looked at your site(s) as well and love your collages and paintings.

As far as my current artistic pursuits. .. Well, I'd like to get to a point that I feel confident enough to shop my portfolio around and maybe pick up some illustration work. I'd love to illustrate children's books. I (of course) have a few partially formed stories clanging around in my head that I intend to use for building my portfolio.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Priscilla Wallace said...

I wish I knew how to break into illustration--I'd give you a hand in a heartbeat. It might be that you somehow become known to a publisher of children's books, and that you'd be contacted when a manuscript needed an illustrator. Or maybe you team up with an author and do the drawing/painting along with the story and the whole thing is submitted at the same time.

If it's anything like writing manuscripts, it's damned near impossible to get attention for what they call "through the transom" work. It's an arrogant business.

What is your formal training? Each picture on your blog comes as a surprise to me because it is so charming.

I have a cousin who works for Pixar in California. He interviewed with them right out of college, having majored in cartooning/animation.

Take care--

ian said...

Hi Priscilla,
I appreciate again the kind words. I don't think I have any formal training. .. As you know Mom's an art teacher and I grew up drawing but no painting worth mentioning. I took art classes in grade school and a few in college (Clemson University). Beyond that foundation I guess I'm self taught. I spend a LOT of time looking at the websites and blogs of other artists and try to work in things that I like from their stuff. Also, having two kids I see a lot of children's book illustration which I guess is where my new found direction comes from. I struggle constantly with my own competence and lack of training but hope to overcome both to some degree someday. I'm also hoping to get into some painting classes so that I can gain an understanding of traditional media. Aside from the few sloppy marker colorings everything on this blog is "painted" in Photoshop.

ramble ramble ramble. ..

Thanks again!

shliknik said...

Just keep sketching and doing what you're doing. When you're bored - draw. On your lunch break - draw. Sketch on napkins when out to eat.

You get more confidence and learn what like you to do.

Formal training is overated. Patience and dedication are not.


Cynthia said...

I love your dragons, Ian. Keep up the great work!