Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Coolness that is Gabriele Pennacchioli

A week or so ago I bought Gabriele Pennacchioli's "Animal Blog" sketch book. I love it, in fact I may have to buy another one when I wear this one out. I love how he creates such mood in such a limited palette. And his characters have such expression and life.

Anyway, to the point, a couple of days after it was delivered Mr. Pennacchioli posted a quick blog post saying that it was for sale and that he'd autograph the inside cover or draw a quick sketch. I put a little comment on the blog post that I will quote here:
Oh Man!! bought it too soon. Would have loved a signature or little sketch. Oh well, its great anyway! Thanks Gabriele,

I surely didn't expect anything from it. But, my wife just called me at work and said that I'd received a little sketch in the mail from Gabriele Pennacchioli and wondered if I knew anything about it. I could only surmise that he'd read my comment and sent it. I now see that he replied in the blog that he'd "make it up to you". That was extremely nice and completely unexpected.

I thank you Gabriele, that was very classy. I think I'll frame it


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